Supported Accomodation

At Malaika, we go above and beyond to make sure that our residents feel at home


All accommodations at Malaika family care are designed to cater to your specific needs and support you with your daily activities and programs.  Our priority is that every resident feels included, safe and happy so you can get the best support possible. Our Accommodation offers the best facilities and high-quality support that respects your privacy and promotes your independence. 

Looking for a place to call home?


Individualised Person centred support

Our exceptional staff is well trained to support clients with a variety of needs.

Your Home, Your Personal Space

Your home is a place where you can be yourself. We have a variety of living options to suit your needs. From group settings with private bedrooms or an entire private house. 

Learn and Apply Independent Living Skills

In your new home, you will be supported to live as independently as possible. We support you with preparing your own meals, domestic tasks, and daily activities like doing your shopping. 

Fun Activities to Enjoy

At your new home, you will enjoy a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities of your choice. From shopping, movie nights, and gardening in the backyard.